About Us

4 Tunes is Andy Murray and like-minded associates:
Music business Management, Marketing, Strategy and more.
Andy Murray

Clients have included Robbie Williams’ management ie: music (International setup of ‘Escapology’ album), Warner Vision International (DVD production), Warner Music Spain (song production), The Corrs’ management, Tara Blaise, Adventure Records, Spokes Records (business plan/UK marketing), and Van Morrison.

We currently consult to One Fifteen Ltd management on
David Gilmour and Syd Barrett.

DavidGilmourLiveInGdanskW SydPoster(AWhittuck)01W

4 Tunes artists includeClive-Shop1W singer Clive Gregson, writer of Nanci Griffith’s ‘I Love This Town‘ and many more.
His latest album is ‘The Best Of Clive Gregson’.

www.clivegregson.com www.myspace.com/clivegregson

Cult band Any TroubleAny Trouble Life In Reverse reformed in 2007 for a new album ‘Life In Reverse’ on Stiff Records.
www.anytrouble.co.uk www.myspace.com/anytrouble

4 Tunes W3AwardW contributes stories to the David Gilmour website (Winner, ‘Best Copy or Writing’, W3 Awards, 2007).

4 Tunes (with Chas de Whalley) created
6-part comedy drama TV series ‘Access All Areas’.
See the ‘Media’ page for more.

4 Tunes Callback OSTPublishing owns songs co-written with Mike Gaffey (‘Rhythm Of The Night’) and Anthony Drennan (The Corrs, Genesis).

‘Good As Gone’ is included in the new feature film ‘Callback’ (Nigel Dick, 2009).

See the ‘Media’ page for more.

BoneInThroatW4 Tunes images have been used in magazines, DVDs, book covers and newspaper columns.

See the ‘Media’ page for more.

4 Tunes Ltd.
P.O. Box 36534
London W4 3XE

E-mail: andy@4-tunes.com
Tel: (+44) (0) 208 442 7560
Fax: (+44) (0) 208 442 7561

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