4 Tunes owns, writes, publishes or represents songs by various artists.  A selection is below.

vol-knobblack (Don’t Step In) My Blue Suede Shoes

by Clive Gregson & Christine Collister From ‘The Best Of Clive Gregson & Christine Collister’. More at

Written by Clive Gregson (Gregsongs / Bug Music)

vol-knobblack Good As Gone by The Stiff All-Stars
Instrumental version of the song in the new feature film ‘Callback’ (
Featuring Anthony Drennan on guitar
Written by Mike Gaffey & Andy Murray (4 Tunes publishing)

vol-knobblack I Love This Town by Clive Gregson

Original version by its author (Gregsongs/Bug Music)
Nanci Griffith’s cover scored more than 5,000 radio plays in the UK & US

vol-knobblack Help Me Find My Heart Vocals by Susie Webb

Written by Mike Gaffey & Andy Murray (4 Tunes publishing)

vol-knobblack That Sound by Any Trouble

The band reformed for the 2007 album ‘Life In Reverse’ on Stiff Records  More at
Written by Clive Gregson (Gregsongs / Bug Music)

vol-knobblack Kiss it Away Vocals by Karen Coleman
Written by Anthony Drennan & Andy Murray (4 Tunes publ.)

Produced by  Andy Murray, Billy Farrell & Anthony Drennan

vol-knobblack Silver Or Lead by The 4 Tune 8
Instrumental version of the movie title track, featuring Anthony Drennan (guitar), Paul Duffy (sax) and Jeff Porcaro (drums).
Written and produced by Andy Murray (4 Tunes publishing)

vol-knobblack The Voice Of Home Vocals by Karen Hammill

Written by Anthony Drennan, Andy Murray & Keith Duffy
(4 Tunes publishing)

vol-knobblack The Main Attraction by The 4 Tunes Four

Featuring Anthony Drennan (guitar/baritone guitar)
Written by Mike Gaffey & Andy Murray (4 Tunes publishing)

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